Field Development Planning

Complete lifecycle technical and financial assessments for different oil and gas field development scenarios.

The best opportunity to make a positive impact and value creation in the life-cycle of large capital projects is in the early planning, or Front End Development (FED) stages, well before capital expenses have been made. These early stages of a project are where most value is created or lost. Poor decisions here cannot be recovered in the project execution. CAYROS highly qualified multidisciplinary team has proven experience in integrated field development planning  using Front End Development (FED).

The main goal of Field development planning (FDP) is to identify the best development option for a field considering multiple factors like profitability, technical feasibility, risk (financial, technical and operating), operational flexibility and scalability, hydrocarbons recovery, among others.

In the FDP process is required a multidisciplinary integration: professionals from the areas of geosciences (geology, geophysics, petrophysics), reservoir engineering, production engineering, drilling and completion design, surface facilities design, safety and environmental impact, economic analysis and risk assessment, work together evaluating multiple development options for a field and selecting the best  one.

For the FDP execution the integration of CAYROS consultants with customer teams, to jointly develop the optimum solution for the fields, has been very successful.

In order to maximize value and  minimize risks during project execution, the FDP needs to be performed in an optimum way to avoid being overly expensive and time consuming. Here is where CAYROS has expertise applying game-changing proprietary technologies to ensure the projects are developed in a very efficient way.

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C-Fields© Concept Design

Our proprietary software C-Fields© allows us to easily integrate information from various disciplines in order to quantify the economic value of the oilfields under different development scenarios.
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