About Cayros Group

Cayros Group was born at the momentous turning point in the lives of experienced, motivated, and hard-working entrepreneurs who had the vision of seizing the opportunity not to be missed—the “Cayros.”

In this rapid changing global market, we at Cayros Group are focusing in optimizing the diversity of our portfolio, while creating a strong synergy between our different organizations. The foundation of our group lays on the well being of our people, transparent management, continuous innovation through advanced technology, improvement of business competitiveness and our resilient commitment to community development.

The Cayros Group approach to building exceptional, prosperous, and exciting companies is to leverage its global presence by blending unique skills, remarkable knowledge, and operational expertise to create partnerships that excel. A critical part of our growth is undoubtedly due to teamwork channelled by a comprehensive management system that is committed to the highest ethical practices and integrity.

The two main companies within the Cayros Group, are Cayros Solutions and Cayros Software. The first one specializes in providing consulting services for the oil and gas industry, the second one in software and technology development.


The word “Cayros” comes from the ancient Greek word “Kairos,” meaning ”a passing instant when a favourable situation appears which must be accomplished with determination, if success is to be achieved.” With this idea in mind, Cayros Group continuously looks for development opportunities worldwide. Once a Cayros moment has been identified, we fully commit to it.


About Us Cayros solutions Logo

World class consulting services and technical support for the Oil & Gas Industry. Some of our most successful services include:

  • Field Development Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Economic Evaluation.
  • Front End Loading Doc. (FEL)
  • Seismic Geometric Decomposition
  • Multicomponent Seismic Inversion
  • AVO modeling and analysis
  • 3D Geological Modeling
  • Advanced Petrophysical Analysis


About Us Cayros software Logo

At Cayros Software, we are combining deep scientific knowledge and innovative technologies to create world-class, high-impact applications and technologies for the Oil & Gas Industry. Some of our integrated solutions are:

  • C-Fields © – Interactive Field Development Planning Tool
  • Seismic Geometric Decomposition Plugin for Petrel TM
  • C-Rocks © – Interactive Petrophysical Analysis Software