C-Fields© is a planning tool with different modules that allows to interactively design multiple concepts and scenarios for oil and gas development projects, perform lifecycle financial assessments and risk analysis.

C-Fields© Benefits

  • Have timely access to technical-financial information that can be adjusted and updated interactively to facilitate strategic decision making regarding development options.
  • Quantify the impact of different deviations from the base case on various economic indicators of the project in order to optimize the process of decision making and risk mitigation.
  • Significantly reduce evaluation time and cost.
  • Optimize the relationship between time spent on data collection and preparation vs time spent on analysis.
  • Generate automatic documentation and reports.

C-Fields - Field Development Planning Software


C-Fields© allows you to easily integrate information from various disciplines in order to quantify the economic value of the oilfields under different development scenarios.

Any variation in each one of the elements that make up the scenarios of the field development plan, including production forecasts , facilities, wells, etc., is automatically reflected in the financial indicators of the project.

The financial and risk indicators  for all the scenarios are  automatically plotted  and ranked using different methodologies.

Workflows manually developed on different platforms, with multiple spreadsheets and databases can be transformed by C-Fields© into efficient, accurate, reliable and flexible processes that allow to significantly reduce development time and cost.

Main Features

  • Perform complete lifecycle financial assessments for different oil and gas field development scenarios in minutes. Interactively compare and rank results using several techniques.
  • Build interactive facility concepts, well drilling and workover schedules and production profiles.
  • Perform risk analysis and incorporate uncertainty in the economic assessment.
  • Reduce cost and development time by optimizing the evaluation process. By having all the relevant data in one interactive and organized project you can spend more time analysing different scenarios and fine tuning details.
  • Have the geological data, 3D maps, reserves, drilling and completion, facilities, risk, production forecasts and financial data in one interactive project.


Seismic Geometric Decomposition Plugin

Improve the delineation of the Fault System and reservoir architecture.



Intuitive and interactive petrophysical analysis software.


Making Better Decisions

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Concept Design

Interactive graphical interface to build a range of potential Field Development Concepts.

C Fields Lower image

Financial Assessment

Interactive lifecycle financial assessments for unlimited number of development scenarios.

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Geological Data Integration

Easy integration of the most relevant geological data.