Multicomponent Seismic
Inversion & AVO Modeling

CAYROS geophysicists have extensive knowledge and experience in different areas, including:

  • Pre-Stack and Post-Stack Seismic Data Conditioning.
  • AVO Analysis & Modeling
  • Pre-Stack and Post-Stack Inversion. Response Modeling. Attribute Volume Calculation.
  • Multicomponent Seismic Inversion: Inversion of P and S components.
  • Multi-Attribute Analysis: Combination of existing volumes, AVO derived, Inversion and other techniques, in order to predict properties volumes (saturation, porosity, lithology, etc.)

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Seismic Geometric

Minimize risk and reduce uncertainty  by improving the delineation of the Fault System, the external and internal reservoir architecture.

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Field Development

Complete lifecycle technical and financial assessments for different oil and gas field development scenarios.